Custom Lodging Suggestions

Whenever I start considering traveling somewhere, one of the first things I do is check out the available lodging. I am a little obsessed with searching for that perfect mix of charm + location + affordability, and I’ve got it down to a pretty good formula. Here’s what I do:

  1. Set my parameters (ie – how many people/rooms/beds, will we have a car, price)
  2. Search on at least 5 different sites for options that fit those parameters, plus do a bunch of reading about parts of town, restaurant locations, etc.
  3. Mark them on a custom google map to see which location is preferable.
  4. Cross-check websites for best prices.
  5. Sometimes I book two places if at least one has free cancellation so that I can get input from whoever is traveling with me.

How Lodging Suggestions Work:

What I give you: I will create a custom google map for you marking the exact location, and the link for the best price, for multiple options for every night and/or different location.

What you give me: fill out this brief questionnaire so I understand where/when/what to look for.

How much does it cost: $25-$100 for the typical maps, with pricing increasing depending on the complexity and number of days. I will send you a quote and proposal once I receive your completed questionnaire.

Can I see an example of a completed lodging map? Of course! Check out this one (which is a very simple version on the cheaper end of the scale) I made for my best friend for an upcoming trip to Charleston:

Contact me if you want your very own map: