Custom Activity Suggestions

Soon after I buy tickets, I start seriously mapping out where to spend our time, and that largely depends on what we want to do. We have a rule of staying places a minimum of 2 nights, but preferable 3-4 nights to really be able to get to know a place and not have to keep packing and unpacking… So here generally my process for creating our itinerary:

  1. Investigate the weather so as to focus on indoor or outdoor activities.
  2. Do a bunch of reading about different regions, including the geography, the distances, the types of cultural/food/natural wonders in the area, etc.
  3. Mark them on a custom google map to see which region is preferable.
  4. Check websites for reviews.
  5. Reach out to my network to crowdsource suggestions or help inform our decisions.

How Custom Activity Maps Work:

What I give you: I will create a custom google map for you marking the exact location, and the link for the best information, for multiple options for each different location.

What you give me: fill out this brief questionnaire so I understand where/when/what to look for.

How much does it cost: $25-$100 for the typical maps, with pricing increasing depending on the complexity and number of destinations. I will send you a quote and proposal once I receive your completed questionnaire.

Can I see an example of a completed activities map? Of course! Check out this one (which is a very simple version on the cheaper end of the scale) I made for day trips from Paris, while I was daydreaming about a potential trip to France:

Contact me for your very own map: