My name is Kathryn Ernst (but I go by Kat, Katie, Katrina, Katniss, Katita, Kati, Katerin, or Kitten, depending on who you are and when I met you). I’m 34 years old, and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I work full time as a Program Manager for the best MBA program in the world: the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA.

I have always had the travel bug, ever since our very first family spring break trip to Mexico when I was in high school. Since then, I’ve visited over 20 countries and have lived abroad for a combined total of 3 years, including two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Here’s where I’ve lived and visited (hint – you can click on the icons for more info):

I also love to research online. I am always seeking out the latest innovations in travel research, the new websites/apps, pouring over maps, and planning travel that I might never actually even do myself. I help plan travel for my family, my friends, and now hopefully, for you!