Windy but Worth it in Southern Wyoming

I’ve lived in Fort Collins, Colorado on and off since 1992, and growing up, we always described ourselves as “an hour north of Denver” to those who didn’t know about our gem of a town. However, I often tried to hide the fact that we are actually closer to Wyoming, because as a kid, I wanted to be more associated with city life than the wild west. Oh how things change… These days, despite the seemingly ever present wind, I’d much rather head north to quaint Laramie, explore the natural rock formations of Vedauwoo, and hike in the Medicine Bow National Forest. So I decided to write this post to share a few of my favorite things about Southern Wyoming.

Lewis Lake trail in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming.
  • Hiking Trails in Medicine Bow National Forest: My favorite is the Lewis Lake trail back towards the Medicine Bow Peak trail. Perfect place to meander along a gorgeous lake with a stunning view the whole way. Easy, short stroll.
  • Exploring the rocks at Vedauwoo: Vedauwoo is a rock outcropping between Laramie and Cheyenne, in Southern Wyoming. Popular with rock climbers and a nice camping spot or day trip. If you are brave (which I am not), you can enjoy “bouldering” – or just clambering up and around the big rocks without any gear. There’s also a hiking trail around the base if climbing isn’t your style.
  • Food in Southern Wyoming: To be honest, it wasn’t until just recently that we discovered some amazing food in the area! For years we made it a point to eat in town before leaving, but now, we eagerly look forward to the food and try to time our outings around a meal time. Here are some of our favorite spots:
    • Korean House Restaurant in Cheyenne: Delicious bibimbop in an out the way place.
    • Sweet Melissa’s in Laramie: Truly, our favorite vegetarian restaurant! So many delicious items on menu, and located in the historic downtown. Share’s a wall with the classic Front Street Tavern.
    • Coal Creek Coffee Company in downtown Laramie: There are two locations, but I love the warmth of the downtown one with it’s worn wooden floors. They also serve delicious homemade pastries.
    • Golden Prairie Bakery just outside Laramie towards Centennial: Southern Wyoming’s best kept secret. Her bread is hands down amazing, and her desserts are just as deserving. Only open on Fridays and Saturdays, but if you are in the area, detour here and buy whatever is fresh out the oven! You won’t regret it.
    • Bear Bottom Bar & Grill in Centennial: Pizzas, burgers, steaks, etc in this funky spot. In the summer on the weekends there’s live music and you can eat on picnic tables out in the yard. Classic spot, always open.

Of course as I write this, part of me thinks that I shouldn’t share these gems with the world. But then again, my blog is not very popular, so I figure if you find your way here, you deserve to know.

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