A Vegetarian’s Guide to Seoul

My husband and I are vegetarians, and we spent a couple of weeks in Seoul, eating our way across the city. In addition to the hundreds of cafes with delicious baked goods, we stumbled across some delightful vegetarian restaurants. I created this map to guide you to some of the vegetarian hidden gems we found!

In addition to these, keep in mind that there are a couple standard Korean dishes you should be able to find anywhere in Seoul that are often vegetarian or can be ordered that way:

  • Bibimbap with egg or tofu instead of the meat
  • Ttokbokki is a sort of stew with rice cakes in a spicy red sauce. Just beware – some also has fish cakes that look like flat fried tofu strips…
  • Spicy tofu soup may have seafood, but we found some restaurants that offered it vegetarian

At home, I cook vegetarian Korean dishes out of this amazing cookbook, and if you are looking for some pretty photos of some of this food, check out this CultureTrip article!


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