Kat’s 10 Destinations for 2018

It’s travel planning season! Every day I’m searching flights, lodging, destinations, sights, etc… Not always for myself, but every time I research for someone else, it pretty much adds that destination to my list as well. So many amazing places to visit in this world! So, as I plan my own travel for the year, here are my plans and dreams in chronological order for 2018:

  1. Feb: Somewhere warm!? Skyscanner’s got me itching for a beach, just for a long weekend, but the truth is we are pretty busy this month, and it’s really already upon us, so doubtful I will pull anything off… Sigh…
  2. March: North Carolina for a work conference at Duke. I will probably have very little time to explore, but hope to at least wander the Duke campus, which I’m sure must be lovely, right?
  3. April: Orlando to visit friends. Currently, this is just a figment of my imagination, but it seems like a good idea!
  4. May: Boston to see family. Another figment, but a real good one. Maybe I ought to make this happen…
  5. June: Glacier National Park in Montana. Finally, after years of nagging, my husband won me over and we booked 4 nights at 2 different lodges in this national park. Road trip from our home in Fort Collins, CO and camping en route.  This one’s a go!
  6. July: Michigan and Minnesota lake trips with friends! Will probably string these together, but I’m close to booking the lake houses, the tix, and we are already mapping out the Traverse City area cider tour…
  7. September: Usually a crazy month at work, but if we can swing it, my husband is angling for the Faroe Islands. And I can’t argue with that suggestion.
  8. October: Typically I have two work trips in October to the west coast, and I might bring my mom with my this year and extend a bit for a few vacation days. Guessing this will be Seattle and San Fran.
  9. November: Cali trip with my bestie?? We did this last year, and perhaps it should become an annual tradition.
  10. December: Dominican Republic! This was supposed to happen this spring, but work trip got in the way. I lived on this gorgeous island 10 years ago, and have been yearning to return. I swear 2018 is going the be the year, so December it is!

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